Our Process

Our Process For Facilitating your project

The methodology that we use aims to identify your needs and wants from an initial briefing interview. The main objectives are noted and a project proposal is created and presented to you as a potential contract to commission action if you would like to go ahead. The project proposal outlines a mutual understanding of what, why and when as well as the associated costs and schedule. Our terms and conditions of services are also included. The process is a personalised procedure that allows you to take control or influence the creative directions relative to your known objectives.

During an initial interview / brainstorming session, we investigate potential ideas and directions that we could pursue relative to your budget and realistic expectations and schedules. We have drafted up a development questionnaires to help you think through your actual objectives, needs and wants. Often one needs to think outside our current perceptions and environments in order to consider alternative or creative directions.

Once you receive our discussed project proposal, study it carefully for potential changes or to note different perceptions on what is to be considered and notify us if anything needs to be changed or updated. Once we have a mutual agreement on the project proposal's objectives, schedule and costs, you will need to sign and fax the document as outlined in the contract. Most projects require a percentage of total price to be paid before any work is commenced.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your visual communication goals for business or for personal objectives.

Thank you for considering the innervisions media services

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