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Website Visibility on Google

  • Is your website not found on Google for any keywords related to your business services?
  • Is your website lost in the jungle of other websites?
  • Do you need to increase website traffic from Google?

If yes, did you know that lost websites is a common problem for small business owners, which can be fixed simply by researching the keyword search demand and then re-structuring your website?

A lost website leads to lost opportunities for initial funds invested.

A website that is not attracting qualified leads online from search demands is wasting valuable capital used for the initial setup and for the ongoing web hosting costs.

Imagine if you could receive a new qualified motivated customer enquiry each week from your website who are ready to buy from you.

Do you realise that there are solutions available that not only helps you attract visitors to your website from Google searches, but visitors who are actively already looking online for the services you offer?

You just need to get your web site into a position that will be clearly visible and offering a clear message that is reflecting back the keywords that they have just searched for.

So where do you start?

The first step is to find out what keywords that people are searching for online that are related to your services.

Then find out which keyword phrases will give you the best opportunity relative to the search demand and competition.

The next step is to structure your website appropriately to be in line with the targeted keywords.

This process requires several key skill sets that are outside of the standard skills of most website designers who only know how to produce great looking websites from a design perspective. However the real need is to not only have a great looking website but also to use a search engine friendly structure for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), with direct response sales copy and quality usable content that is of value to search engines users.

There are a range of strategies that can used to get your website found for specific keyword phrases, but the key principles that need to be considered involves using keywords in both your content as well as considering the most appropriate words to be used in your website links on other website linking back.

If you would like to receive a FREE consultation to explore how your website could be improved for specific keyword phrases related to your industry, you are welcome to contact me using the form below. Please include your name, email address and phone number. Why download my FREE guides to help you get a greater insight into what is involved.

If you are interested to engage my services to help you re-structure website for SEO, prices start at $500 for small websites. Report audits on websites are also available to provide you’re your website designer for action.

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Gavin Gilmour

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