What Makes A Good Website for Small Business?

What Makes A Good Website for Small Business Website Design?

Web structured for small business will aim to incorporate the following considerations:-

  • To use a navigation system that is clearly structured to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.
  • To use very simple, uncluttered content pages that are easy to skim through for readability.
  • To use simple professional layout that emphasis your message to your target audience and supports your corporate identity.
  • The use of great content that adds value to the users experience of your website such as articles, blog posts, tools, reviews, forums and Free takeaway information that supports their interest to visit your website.
  • The use of keyword focussed content that is reflecting the actual exact search demand on search engines.
  • The use of a compelling offer for unique product or service, that captures the customer’s attention and interest to buy from you. Maybe the offer is in the form or a voucher, coupon or free how to information in a step by step report or newsletter.
  • The web sites uses both a basic introduction page as well as detailed page about your products or services. The detailed page provides enough information to motivate the customer to make a purchase decision. These pages would include both the feature and benefits of your products and services.
  • The use of testimonials that allow new customers can read in order to review and consider before placing an order for your services.
  • The use of a clear navigation to access the contact information on your website, such as physical address, postal address, phone numbers, email a quote form and a general contact form.
  • Provide a clear and obvious way for customers to navigate to an order page.

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