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Small Business Website for Start Ups Setup Within a Week

I will help and guide you through the whole process of setting up a Small Business Website for the first time.

The price range for mini websites for small business.
  • 3 page website $350 ($197 Deposit)
  • 6 page website $597 ($197 Deposit)
  • 12 page website from just $1500 ($500 Deposit)
  • A complete customised website development starting at $3000

Order Your Website for Business Today with a $197 deposit and I will follow up with with a list of goals to help you get started straight away.

In order to help you improve the results of your proposed website marketing project, we will help you with the whole pre planning process and provide a fast track path through the maze of options in front of you.


You can get started today by arranging a free consultation to process your needs and objectives for pre planning your website development proposal.

Projects can be started after the meeting by paying a deposit of $500 via direct deposit, cash or paypal.

Some projects will also require a written project proposal to be signed and approved by the business owner before work proceeds.

To gain an insight into marketing your business online download our Free info guides to learn about website planning and marketing your business online >>

Order Your Website for Business Today with a $197 deposit and I will follow up with with a list of goals to help you get started straight away.


Your Second Step is to buy a domain name for your Business name

From deciding on a domain name for a web site address ( using your business name or keywords through to making decisions about site’s structure and design aspects.

We offer a one-stop point to organise the whole process and get you up and running within days of your order. From organising your domain name to your web site hosting account to developing your website as well as facilitating your email addresses.

This step involves selecting your domain name for you business branding and promotions. This step is extremely important for many reasons of credibility as well as for being found from keyword searches.

For an Australian Domain name, dot com dot au you will need to provide ABRN and ABN and the requested domain name will need to be a derivative name of you registered business name.


Your Next Step is to buy a web site hosting plan

Hosting for your Small Business Website needs to be reliable, secure and considered separately from your existing ISP services. As you need to have access to reliable support and assistance for all your web site hosting needs a dedicated service for business is seriously considered to be essential to your success online. These needs include reliable, secure backup and email systems.


Your Main Goal for a Small Business Website is to develop your marketing message and your information content for various pages.

Getting your website content organised can be a major problem for many small businesses due time restraints or not knowing where to start.

Initially, simply start by collating your existing information that you have used to promote your business in traditional print media such as general information about your business, contact details, what products and services you provide, and terms etc in order to start mapping out a series of pages for your website.

Your website content needs to consider your main message to your target market as well as the base level aspects of who, what, and where, but also, from a marketing point of view "what is your business proposition".

Your business proposition is is often referred to as your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or USV (Unique Selling Value) and needs to be considered within your marketing strategy and how you aim to use your website.

More planning guidelines for developing your website content plan, download our Free web planning reports and guidelines

Recent Web Site projects

Website Planning Tips

To start your Small Business Website content development:

The first place to start is to consider the following questions:

  • What are the main reasons and purpose for you to use a website for promoting your business?
  • List the objectives that your web site will aim to achieve?
  • List the expected results that you aim to achieve from using a small business website?
  • How do you intend to reach your target market and market place?
  • What actions do you want your visitors to take on your web site?
  • Have you profiled your target market in terms of what are their main needs?
  • Have you created content to outline a solution to your target market needs?
  • Have you listed the main problems that your target market that you can provide solutions for promoting online?
  • Have you listed the features and benefits of your solutions offered?
  • Have you collected a set of testimonials from past customers outlining the problems and the solutions that your product or service provides?
  • Have you considered social media and how you could use it to reach your target market?
  • Have you considered specific keywords that your target market could potential use in search engines to find solutions that you provide?
  • Are you intending to sell products and services online? If yes, what methods or systems will need to be considered for costs?
  • Will mobile app's be considered to promote to your clients?

For Small Business Website design point of view

Have you studied Small Business Websites within your market sector to research and analyze what your competition is doing in a range of aspects including layout style and target marketing?

Have you documented a number of websites that you like the look of or think are relevant to your own goals and expectations.

Small Business Website Project Plan

And finally, one of the biggest parts or planning your Small Business Website is to create a “Plan” to identify the main navigation menu links.

A site map or site plan is typically done using pencil and paper drawing out boxes and lines showing the hierarchy of top level menu and secondary level menus which are known as sub-menus.

Creating a site map plan is an extremely important step for both author and web designer to see such a diagram before starting anything, even before considering getting a quote.

Such a site plan with highlight any problems for existing content or identify content that needs to be developed. It also explores layout as well as what sub-menu links are to go where on what pages within the whole website.

A web site plan can save you hours of potential work to avoid a situation of developing a project without direction similar to throwing darts at a dartboard blind folded. An example of a simple site map schematic plan can be seen at

Other considerations for Small Business Website content include:

Do you need to source new media content from external sources? Such as:

  • Stock image libraries
  • Photographers
  • Videos developed
  • Marketing specialists
  • Copywriters

If you need a Small Business Website setup or you need an existing site re-developed, then we can help.

Download our Free Small Business Website planning guides to help you get started thinking about your content and strategies to succeed online.

Innervisions web design services are focused help you to improve your Small Business Website results.

As a web designer I have taken on a responsibility to help customers by listening to their needs and wants in order to pursue positive results as needed. As part of this responsibility I have endeavored to discover for myself the methods to respect the search engine requirements to unlock and identify the necessary steps required to improve your web site visibility.

To help my customers raise awareness about these search engine requirements, I have gathered together information outlining the what, why and how web sites need to be keyword structured to be more visible online.

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Best regards for your web site results. If you would like personalised assistance with your web site project, contact me for a consultation or to access our free planning guides.

Gavin Gilmour


Our business website had just been designed and uploaded to promote our new music education services in Canberra South.

While the website looked great with our corporate branding and fantastic layout, the website had a problem in that it was not found on Google, not even for our business name “Step by Step Music Education”.

After finding and working with Gavin of Innervisions web services, the problem was quickly fixed within a week so that we are now found on Google for our Business name as well as a range of keyword phrases related to our business offerings.

Within weeks we were attracting new customers to our business from Google searches based on the services we offer on our website.

Step by Step Music Education

My website was up and running ready for promoting my small business helping cat owners with cat sitting while they are away. Getting my website uploaded was a great achievement in itself, but the only problem was that is was simply not found on Google for any keywords related to my business.

As many people in my target market uses Google to search out a cat minder, especially at short notice, I realised that I needed to get my website found on Google soon. After some frustration trying to find someone who can help, I discovered a small business website designer who could help.

Gavin Gilmour of innervisions web services was able to fix things up so I am now found. Thank you to Gavin I have since been caring for so many cats, whose owners found me on Google. I have had so many new customers from enquiries from the website that I have realised that I need to limit the number of clients I can take on.

Robert Edwards, Proprietor, 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing, Canberra

"To whom it may concern

I am so impressed with what Gavin Gilmour of Innervisions has done for my plumbing business that I hope my competitors in the industry never discover him. To all of you who are not plumbers, I have no hesitation recommending Innervisions to you for your website design and launching. I found that the site Gavin created for my plumbing business is 50 times more cost effective then the yellow pages ever was. I found Gavin’s knowledge of the internet was way beyond the comprehension of many other Web page designers. Therefore if you are thinking of getting a website or altering your existing site speak to Gavin before you sign up with any other web designers."

Robert Edwards
6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing, Plumbing Canberra

Rebecca Moore Music

"Thanks to Innervisions web design my website is now number one in the google search for my name "Rebecca Moore", which is also my business name. This is important for me as it will make my business so much easier to find, and will bring more traffic to my web site. This will also potentially increase CD sales. I am very happy with this result."


To Get Started Today to setup your Domain Name and Hosting go to >>>

The web site hosting service that we use is Johanson Brothers Enterprise hosting which is a Family business based in Canberra Australia. JBEhosting provides reliable services for customers who want the most suitable, usable and flexible support services at reasonable costs. Phone: 1300 858 123 to discuss your specific needs.

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