Innervisions Terms of Business

Terms And Conditions of Commissioned Project Work

The following terms and conditions of service apply to all services provided by innervisions and aim to help raise awareness and protect both provider and customer from undesirable situations that could evolve if a working agreement is not established. The terms also aim to protect business investments of time, money and effort on both sides. Please pay particular attention to copyright, ownership, work schedules, author’s edits and payment terms.

Commencement of work

As a Notice of Agreement between Client and Innervisions concerning all work as outlined in a Innervisions Project Proposal, Client agrees to provide a deposit payment, written or signed approval for this work submission on a “Innervisions Work Agreement Form” before any work is commenced. If the work required is for a web site development and is considered to be a medium to large project scope outside the confines of a Innervisions standard budget level website setup package, Innervisions will quote on a set written brief that as provided by the client. If the Innervisions quote is accepted, an “Innervisions Work Agreement form” is to be signed or a deposit paid, before work on the project can commence. A signed project proposal with the Innervisions quote number can be scanned and emailed.


Unless wavered by an alternative agreement, a set deposit payment is due before the start of the project, and the balance is due on completion. If a deposit is paid, the client has therefore agreed to the project proposal’s terms, conditions and schedule. Client agrees to pay the invoiced amount within 7 days. If the work time exceeds 4 calendar weeks in duration, Client agrees to progress payments by calendar monthly invoices based on the work done to that date and will continue for each month until the project is completed. If client fails to pay the balance where an agreement has not been established, or for scheduled progress payments, where the website has already been finalised or is still being published, the website may be deactivated until an alternative negotiated agreement has been confirmed. Deposit payments are non-refundable.

Deposit Payment

For projects under $600 in value, a deposit of $197 is required.
For projects over $600 in value 30% of the project quote is required

Fees for service

It is agreed that the fee for the service shall be the cost estimates as provided in the Innervisions Project Proposal Quotation which is referred to in this “Innervisions Work Agreement form” as the Quote number. If work undertaken exceeds the items as specified in the Project Proposal, Client agrees to pay appropriate fees for the excess work. If excess work is noted prior to it being undertaken, an amended proposal will be submitted for resigning as outlined in “Excess Work” before any further work is done”

Non-Completion Of Services

Where Innervisions is instructed by the client to undertake any work after a project proposal has been approved and deposit has been paid, and the project is then cancelled at any stage of production, the client will be liable and billed for the total cost of the project.

Additional Services or Excess work

Additional Services or excess work is defined as any work involving extra requested additions, variations or authors edits that have not been outlined in the items listed in the agreed Project Proposal or changes to all pieces of finished work after sign off date by an authorised representative of Client. All authors’ edits requested after the sign off date will attract an editing fee. Therefore, it is recommended that all content must be pre proof read before supplying to innervisions. If further work is required outside of the agreed outline, an amended work assessment and quote will be submitted for signed approval. Please note that Innervisions web site packages are based on a set amount of content management time for formatting supplied text, if more text or images are supplied or requested than specified, excess work costs will apply. Please check the web package details in the project proposal to identify job specifications. Innervisions does not take responsibility for author’s errors after it has been supplied. Content will be published exactly as it has been supplied.

Authors’ edits

Authors’ edits are defined by additional changes to content after the initial content delivery or project proposal approval. While all content is applied with care for the intended purpose, Innervisions does not take responsibility for content provided for it’s accuracy or quality and therefore will not be held liable for content that has not been pre proof read by authors or commissioning agents. Innervisions assumes that all content provided for publishing online or for print has been pre cleared of any errors for publishing. Ongoing edits will be placed within a queue for editing within 7 days and charged at an hourly rate outside of the project proposal quote. If website content is needed to be updated urgently, within one day from an author edit, extra changes will apply.

Content Supply

Content must be supplied before work commences or within 2 weeks of paying the deposit. If content is not provided within 2 weeks of deposit payment progress payments will be presented if work has begun on project foundations.

Content Management System (CMS) based websites.

All CMS websites have a specific clause that ‘User access’ will not be granted until the final payment has been received or negotiated.

Urgent work

Urgent work is defined as work requests that have not been cleared with a four days notice booking date with a start date, an intended schedule and deadline notice. A booking date and schedule allows the job to done on time and within agreed quality considerations. If an urgent job is requested, a loading fee of 150% of the specified rate is added to the service fee, as other booked work will need to be re-scheduled. Innervisions will take all necessary actions required to meet requested deadlines with respect to expected quality measures. However, if the work is so extremely urgent, Innervisions will not take any responsibility for faulty completed products where technical influences or authors edits have compromised the quality or accuracy of the final outcome. When work has been submitted at short notice in order to meet printer or customer deadlines, the Client must accept responsibility for compromises on both quality and accuracy.

Schedule Guarantee

It is agreed that if the project is not finalised by the agreed date due to some fault of Innervisions, a 10% discount will be offered off the balance of funds yet to be paid on project finalisation. This offer does not include authors’ edits, Client delays or where there may be external 3rd Party delays such as Printer schedules etc.

Guarantee on supplied work

All work will be tested for functionality before being supplied. If the supplied files have been compromised after supply by 3rd party editor/s, NO Guarantee can then be provided. Any assistance to rectify edited supplied files will be charged for at an hourly rate.


It is agreed that Innervisions shall not at any time either during the continuance of the work outlined or thereafter, except in the course of their duties, divulge any of the confidential affairs of Client or any of its clients or associated companies to anyone whatsoever without the previous consent in writing of Client.

Client Commitment

It is agreed that the Client will make a 100% commitment to supply all information, content and artwork within the Innervisions specifications. This commitment is required for the project commencement, project management and / or completion on or before an agreed date, as well as for the project to be completed within a set time schedule and quality expectation. During urgent project schedules, if Client fails to provide the content and information by the required date in order to meet agreed schedules, there will be an additional late fee added to the project invoice.

The Client also guarantees their availability for consultation to discuss any aspect of the project objectives and / or concerns before work commences, during work and after job completion. This channel of communication will aim towards achieving the quality, consistency and reliability for the anticipated project completion date. If the requested work is urgent and work goes over a weekend, client must provide an after hours contact Phone number.

If Client Commitment fails to provide a commitment to the development process, then the project may be terminated or placed on hold. If the project is a website development, the site’s navigation system may be disabled until Client has re-engaged commitment into the project process.

Copyright Notice

All content information supplied to Innervisions by client is to be copyright free, which includes all photos and text. Innervisions retains copyright for all developed creative input that has not been Client supplied, unless negotiated and outlined in the Project Proposal.

Copyright and Ownership Notice

For all creative media and new website developments, Innervisions owns the developed property and copyright until released to the commissioning agent by a final payment. “This notice means that for a website this is under development or has not been finalised the ownership and copyright is owned by Innervisions until the final payment has been received”.

Usage Rights

Usage Rights with Copyright of all project media design work will be transferred from Innervisions to you, the client once full payment has been received. Innervisions will retain all intellectual property rights for all developed source code programming during the project. Innervisions will retain the right to use the completed project and any preliminary designs for promotions.

Terms and conditions

By accepting the project proposal for commissioned work, your (Client) understand the terms and conditions as set out above and give approval for Innervisions to proceed with this project as outlined in the project proposal. I have the authority to authorise this work, and agree to the quotation. I understand that deposit payment (unless wavered by agreement) is due at the start of the project, and the balance is due on completion. You also understand that you will endeavor to supply the required details by an agreed date to allow project progress to take place in order to meet the agreed deadline. Any additions or edits after the sign off date will attract an editing fee.

Promotion Terms

While I do not add a return back links from new websites that I develop for small business owners, I reserve the right to add a link from a recent projects page to help promote the services that I offer.

These terms and conditions are presented as a hard copy for approval before project commences but are subject to change without notice and will be updated online on this page.