SEO Web Design Testimonials

Our business website had just been designed and uploaded to promote our new music education services in Canberra South.

While the website looked great with our corporate branding and fantastic layout, the website had a problem in that it was not found on Google, not even for our business name “Step by Step Music Education”.

After finding and working with Gavin of Innervisions web services, the problem was quickly fixed within a week so that we are now found on Google for our Business name as well as a range of keyword phrases related to our business offerings.

Within weeks we were attracting new customers to our business from Google searches based on the services we offer on our website.

Step by Step Music Education

My website was up and running ready for promoting my small business helping cat owners with cat sitting while they are away. Getting my website uploaded was a great achievement in itself, but the only problem was that is was simply not found on Google for any keywords related to my business.

As many people in my target market uses Google to search out a cat minder, especially at short notice, I realised that I needed to get my website found on Google soon. After some frustration trying to find someone who can help, I discovered a small business website designer who could help.

Gavin Gilmour of innervisions web services was able to fix things up so I am now found. Thank you to Gavin I have since been caring for so many cats, whose owners found me on Google. I have had so many new customers from enquiries from the website that I have realised that I need to limit the number of clients I can take on.

Robert Edwards, Proprietor, 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing, Canberra

"To whom it may concern

I am so impressed with what Gavin Gilmour of Innervisions has done for my plumbing business that I hope my competitors in the industry never discover him. To all of you who are not plumbers, I have no hesitation recommending Innervisions to you for your website design and launching. I found that the site Gavin created for my plumbing business is 50 times more cost effective then the yellow pages ever was. I found Gavin’s knowledge of the internet was way beyond the comprehension of many other Web page designers. Therefore if you are thinking of getting a website or altering your existing site speak to Gavin before you sign up with any other web designers."

Rebecca Moore Music

"Thanks to Innervisions web design my website is now number one in the google search for my name "Rebecca Moore", which is also my business name. This is important for me as it will make my business so much easier to find, and will bring more traffic to my web site. This will also potentially increase CD sales. I am very happy with this result."

Qozqo Alpacas

optimising our website- to improve the ranking when people search for grey alpacas and coloured alpacas. In the last 6 months we have had inquiries from across NSW including Bungendore, Cowra and Sydney and also South Australia. We have sold more alpaca females, potential alpaca stud males and alpaca wethers in 6 months than we have sold in the last 5 years and most of these inquiries have come from the Qozqo website.

Powatone Exhaust Centre

I was looking for a good website designer and found Gavin. Not only did he help with updating our outdated website he came to the party with great new ideas I hadn't even thought of and introduced google search optimization which was new to me and very beneficial.

After working with Gavin of Innervisions web design services to redesign and restructure our website we are now attracting new business online every week from Google searches.

Queensgate Motel

Many thanks again for all your help.

As a small business owner it has become essential to have our website, mobile phone and ipad friendly. Mobile search, as well as desktop search, is now an integral part of online promotion for small businesses.

Gavin was masterful in using his skills to adapt our website for mobile compatibility.

His willing assistance and immediate sorting out many web design issues, has been of invaluable assistance and I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin to small businesses for effective. website results.