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Robert Edwards, Proprietor, 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing, Canberra

"To whom it may concern

I am so impressed with what Gavin Gilmour of Innervisions has done for my plumbing business that I hope my competitors in the industry never discover him. To all of you who are not plumbers, I have no hesitation recommending Innervisions to you for your website design and launching. I found that the site Gavin created for my plumbing business is 50 times more cost effective then the yellow pages ever was. I found Gavin’s knowledge of the internet was way beyond the comprehension of many other Web page designers. Therefore if you are thinking of getting a website or altering your existing site speak to Gavin before you sign up with any other web designers."

Rebecca Moore Music

"Thanks to Innervisions web design my website is now number one in the google search for my name "Rebecca Moore", which is also my business name. This is important for me as it will make my business so much easier to find, and will bring more traffic to my web site. This will also potentially increase CD sales. I am very happy with this result."

Qozqo Alpacas

optimising our website- www.qozqo.com to improve the ranking when people search for grey alpacas and coloured alpacas. In the last 6 months we have had inquiries from across NSW including Bungendore, Cowra and Sydney and also South Australia. We have sold more alpaca females, potential alpaca stud males and alpaca wethers in 6 months than we have sold in the last 5 years and most of these inquiries have come from the Qozqo website.

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