Then and Now

The new versions of browsers and html have provided the control that the designers have been concerned about over the last 6 years (1996-2002). The designer can now position page elements with far greater freedom from the original html.

The introduction of version 4 html has style sheets which can control any element on the web page even the whole web site.

For any technology that is introduced into the market place, there are usually the early adopters, the mainstream and the laggards. It may take a few more years for the web to really find it's directions into the mainstream market place in the community.

Although, at the moment, there seems to be a growing hype among small businesses to have a small web site setup in addition their advertisement in the telephone directory with each business name.

It is getting to the stage where business also needs a domain name before setting up a web page in order to be taken seriously on the web, die, or

These days Internet marketing has taken a hold on the online business community to directly target their customers by first researching what keywords users are searching for on Google Search Engine and then optimizing their web site for a specific keyword phrases. A whole industry specializing in web site search engine optimization has emerged to respond to the demand for web sites to be found on the search engine results pages.