website development process

If you have just decided that your business needs a website to stay competitive or to keep up with customer buyer trends, be aware that a web site development process needs to be considered in order to maximise your return on investment.

Such a process could include

  1. Researching your website development for online search demand and what your competitors are doing, what strategies are working.
  2. Gain a greater understanding of the importance keyword phrases that people are searching for online. Understand how search demand could benefit your site and what content needs to be developed to reflect back to what customers want to know.
  3. Make a List of the main search engines and directories that your target market would use to find services.
  4. Set out your objectives for your website development project. What does the website need to achieve for your business.
  5. Develop a website plan on paper for what content needs to be included and what content pages need to be written in what order and where they could be linked from on the site. Here is an example of a typical site plan that includes a wireframe layout and a flow chart of how a site could be structured via internal links. Note the main navigation and sub-navigation that represents the main links buttons and the secondary link buttons within each topic area. Example site map skeleton.
  6. Plan out your strategies for presenting your business offers and what sales copy would be required for each product or service page.
  7. Learn about specific marketing strategies for promoting your offline business online. Be sure to download our free web planning guides to get started today.

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