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There are many aspects that you need to consider for your Small Business Website Planning

Small Business Website design plans aim to achieve several key goals that you need to consider carefully as part of your overall website project plan. Your website must be structured in a way to be found on Google, the visual considerations must allow for your message to be clear which also needs to be strategically structured for maximum conversions.

  1. Structure: In order for your customers to find your business online, your website needs to be structured in such a way to be found on search engines. In order to attract visitors in the form of web traffic to your business proposition, there must be an emphasis placed on using specific keyword phrases and not on fancy graphics or flash. The actual code mark-up needs to be compliant to Global Standards for Accessibility in order to allow greater visibility of your keywords.
  2. Legibility: For credibility and trust, your website design needs to reflect your business branding without compromising the delivery of your message, which needs to be clear, concise, legible as well as quick and easy to read. Web design for business branding needs to be approached as supporting role and not override your message.
  3. Marketing Sales Copy: For actual sales, your message needs to be structured in way to maximise the conversion of your web traffic into customers. Therefore your business proposition needs to be factored into your website design and layout. Your message and layout aims to funnel your website traffic through your offers to a call to action to take up an offer thus converting to a sale.

In consideration of the above points, your web design for your business needs to factor in your marketing goals first as your main and primary goal for your website planning. While the look and feel of your website is important and must be professional, the site’s content must be legible and easily read.

For legibility, your content words are usually designed with maximum contrast such as black text on a white background using san serif, web safe fonts such as “Verdana, Arial or Helvetica”, which are available on all computers. The websites’ navigation must be structured in way so that your customers can find what they are looking for quickly from anywhere on the site.

For consideration of your marketing goals, there are some concepts to be aware of that can improve the potential success of your small business website. These concepts are increasing in use online for Internet marketing, which have been traditionally used in print for Direct Response Marketing and often starting with your Unique Selling Proposition or Value.

Your website sales copy and information copy takes on the role to be of primary importance above the actual relevance of the site’s look and feel. Simple web design is therefore preferable than focusing expensive design concepts. For assistance to help you in your marketing needs, we can refer you to marketing specialist and copywriters who excel in the web marketing media.

With this information in mind our focus in building small business web sites that are:-

  • Valid web coding for Global Standards and accessibility.
  • Search Engine Optimisied for keyword search demand.
  • Structured for marketing and advertising.
  • Practical and specifically designed for business
  • Reliable user-friendly navigation systems.
  • Styles to incorporate your business branding.
  • Simple, clean, crisp looking style.
  • Simple, clutter free layout for clarity and readability.
  • Quick loading and formatted for common browsers.

For further details, please contact Gavin Gilmour to find out how we can help you setup an online presence for your business.

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