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"How do I get my website on Google?"

A question that has now become very common in the web design industry.

If you want to discover how to give your web site a better chance of being found on Google by improving website visibility, read on...

Maybe, you just spent a bucket load of cash on a new fancy looking web site only to realise that your website cannot be found on a Google search and nowhere to be found.


Maybe, the website design looks great with all the right graphics, colours for corporate branding and interactive buttons.

Maybe the web site has all the bells and whistles of flash animation and audio, but the site just cannot be found with your preferred keyword search on Google.

The truth for being found on Search Engines are.

  • accessibility of content
  • relevancy of content to actual keyword search demand
  • quality of content
  • popularity of content

The truth is that global standards for content accessibility has provided the main foundation for building search engine friendly websites. The web site construction has become extremely important for providing an clear path for search engines to access your content to be able to determine what your message is about. The clearer your message is and with correct content structure, the greater the results for search engine optimisation for your keywords. The correct content structure is defined as Global standards compliant coding for accessibility as specified by W3C.

However, as in any situation of supply and demand, it is wise to find out what the keyword demand is before you supply. The search engines are constantly indexing the web for keywords that are currently in demand as well as for emerging trends. It therefore makes sense to align your content, message or proposition with the keyword demand. The best keywords to identify are very specific word phrases that can be used to optimise your web site content.

The foundations

As part of your web site briefing process before the web site building started, was the specification for Google results requested for specific keywords?

Maybe your web site project has not been fully briefed or specified in writing to communicate the site's objectives.

The thought of setting yourself up for a web site project can be a daunting task to allocate time for getting content organised while being flat out with other business goals.

Web site project planning does require market research and content planning which does take time to manage. Often what happens is that web projects get flown into action by handing over to the web designer to just make it all happen to do what has to be done to get the site up online. Web sites often get published without the required research or planning and then progressed along a timeline without the appropriate project management.

Without the appropriate planning for web site projects, your web designer will than likely build a great looking web site that may or may not meet branding requirements, but more to the point, NOT achieve the desired outcomes for a return on your investment by getting new customers or create new cash flow.

If you were expecting or assuming that your web site will be found on the internet without specifying a preferred emphasis on specific keywords that you would like to be found on, it is unlikely to happen.

Unfortunately such a request or specification to a web designer in a web brief may not necessarily be fully understood to be able to achieve an expected result. Web site building requires a wide range of different skills, knowledge and experience to achieve satisfactory results.

In general the different areas for ensuring great web site results are:

  • web design skills for visual communication;
  • Global standards compliant coding as specified W3C;
  • web site optimisation (both on-site and off-site) for search engine optimisation;
  • content structure for accessibility; and
  • internet marketing strategies.

The reality is that for your web site to be found on Google there a quite a few methods, steps and strategies that need done to be able to be found anywhere on search engine results pages. These methods require skills in each of the above areas of specialisation and project managers often call upon a team of specialist people to provide input.

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Innervisions web design services can help you to improve your web sites results

As a web designer I have taken on a responsibility to help customers by listening to their needs and wants in order to pursue positive results. As part of this responsibility I have endeavored to discover for myself the methods to respect the search engine requirements to unlock and identify the steps required to improve web site visibility.

To help my customers raise awareness about these search engine requirements, I have gathered together information outlining the what, why and how web sites need to be keyword structured to be more visible online.

These requirements include very specific steps which can be researched, controlled, tested and amended as necessary.

In preparation for our meeting, I would like you to consider the following questions for your small business website.

  • Have you drafted up a website map plan outlining the major and minor navigation links?
    If you need an insight into what such a website plan looks like, have a study of this site map skeleton in order to clarify your website's navigation hierarchy.
  • Does your business website promotions need to increase customers from FREE Search Engine traffic looking for your services in your area?
  • Have you identified specific keyword terms that you can use to align your business proposition to the solutions that people are actually already searching for?
  • If Not, Are you interested to find out what keywords are the most appropriate to optimise your website pages for?
  • Why not consider actual and emerging keyword trends on the Google search engine results pages that will give you an edge over your competition?
  • Did you know that a specific website structure and content accessibility play an extremely important role to be search engine friendly?
  • Did you know that the specific words used on your website and the quality value that you provide in your website content greatly influences your results for search engine traffic?
  • Did you know that the keywords used to link to your website play an extremely important role in the quality and amount of qualified traffic to your website?

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Best regards for your web site results. If you would like personalised assistance with your web site project, contact me for a consultation or to access our free planning guides.

Gavin Gilmour

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