Website Benefits for Small Business

Why Does Your Website Need a Website?

Have you considered the benefits of having a website for your business and have a professional online web presence?

As traditional print media advertisng such as yellow pages is on it's way out which is now effecting the return on investment on a small business owners advertising budget, the Internet now seems to be the main alternative to present your business in front of thousands of searches a day on search engines.

However, many business of today are still advertising their business in print with personal email and web site address that are derivatives of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) address. While there are aspects of security in working with a creditable and reputable ISP, if you are in business, there are benefits to consider owning your own web identity that is consistent with your business identity as well as being independent to any ISP.

Many of the potential benefits of having a website for promoting a professional online web presence may include the following:-

  • Be able to update your business proposition and content online regularly and tweak inline with your results. Compared to being locked in each year with set copy in print with yellow pages, website content can be edited at anytime to respond to market opportunities;
  • Potentially create and increase sales and work opportunities;
  • Show images of your work, product and services so that new prospects can see what you do with respect to quality and your track record. Obviously a buy decision can be made from these considerations and perceptions.
  • Create a professional virtual shop front to stand out from your competitors. This aspect includes having a credible and professional email and web address that prospects can associate and relate to relative to their buy decision. A professional online presence starts with you own domain name address as in and your email address
  • Having a professional online presence emphasis and builds your business branding in your industry's market place.
  • A personalized presentation of your business info and FAQs to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This benefit would reduce staff time for admin and answering phone calls. Also an advantage to administer bookings and sales via the internet.
  • Create a consistency of business branding from your stationary through to your professional online presence. This aspect indicates that you are serious about your business identity and credibility as well as interested in providing easy communication channels. This aspect includes consideration of having a stable, consistent and constant email address with your business identity. A major benefit of having a professional email address is that it is yours and thus not influenced by any ISP influences. A professional email address is easy for your customer to remember.
  • A professional email address is personalized to greet your customer online with care and interest. Thus making a memorable friendly connection with your customer using business name email address. Typical email address are:-
  • A professional web address is more likely to be search engine friendly thus increasing potential web traffic to your product and services. As part of the potential increased web traffic to your site, there may be opportunity to attract prospects from outside your direct service area or region. A classic example would be prospects looking for accommodation services before they leave their current location. They would be able to locate, inspect, consider and book online with the benefit of having a peace of mind that their destination arrangements are done before they travel. By using a professional web presence in the market place the benefits are potentially to:
  • Generate genuine leads using professional electronic enquiry forms.
  • Increased credibility with the current expanding use of the internet, as similar to the listings in the yellow pages, one needs to stand out from the crowd.
  • As part of your professional web presence, have the ability to collect information about what are your customers looking for via the use of online electronic forms for contact or for market surveys. Samples or information give away's may be part of the incentives to attract the online interaction with your prospects and customers. Maybe newsletters about upcoming events, promotions and offers.

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