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About Me

Over the years I have enjoyed many forms of Art Crafts. I have participated in many short and long term workshops and exhibitions in Canberra and Sydney and have also been an accredited Craftsman Member of the ACT Craft Association. The crafts I have worked in include:

Leadlight and kiln fired work in copper enamel and glass.

Furniture Restoration – for many years I participated in Furniture Restoration classes and lovingly restored many furniture pieces that now adorn our home. This was a very rewarding pastime.

Textiles – screen and block printing; batik; silk painting; tritik and shibori tie dye, and machine embroidery..

Paper Making – I learnt paper making with Kayes van Bodegraven in 1975 and more recently I have become a member of Primrose Paperworks in Sydney. A wide range of workshops are held at Primrose and I have participated in many of them.

I have taught enamelling, screen printing and paper making to students and teachers in art and craft classes at Primary School level.

Encaustic Art – I discovered the enjoyment of encaustic art a few years ago when I took a workshop with Margaret and Ian Hesford and it has now become another one of my favourite pastimes.

Card Making

Card Making – One of my favourite pastimes is making cards and I combine Gocco or screenprinting, wax, mixed media, machine embroidery, collage or anything I am experimenting with at the time. I have also made a few Artists Books and hope to do more of these in the future.

Print Gocco – For several years I have been a distributor for Print Gocco and I have been able to incorporate Gocco Printing in all aspects of my crafts. I carry a full range of Print Gocco supplies. e-mail for info

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