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  • Did you know that the majority of websites being built today still use old coding structures and standards that do not have a hope of being found on search engines?
  • Did you know that websites that conform to Global Standards for Accessibility have a greater chance of being found online from specific keyword searches?
  • Did you know that while many multimedia driven websites look great are more difficult to get indexed for any specific keywords?
  • Did you know that a website structure for controlling content layout, categories and graphics can dramatically effect if a website can be found online or not?

For many people, a website evaluation is only considered by how a website looks in terms of "look and feel" for graphics, colours, layout, features and functionality. But…the truth is, from a search engine’s spiders point of view, the structure is the only important aspect to consider.

Majority of websites cannot be seen for any keywords due to the fact the keywords if any are buried deep within the website coding and consequently not seen by search engines, like a needle in a hay stack amongst thousands of other competing websites.

So, what is a website evaluation for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how can it help your business move forward to improve your business being found online?

The first step to look at is whether your website is compliant to Global Coding standards and then identify if the structure is supportive of providing a clear concise path to important keywords that the search engines can access with speed. For a comprehensive website evaluation there many aspects that need to be considered in a logical progression of yes or no that overall, effects a website’s visibility.

Next, does the website content aim to reflect the answers that Google users are looking for, as in regard to topics and interests that your products or services provides solutions for?

The ultimate goal for a small business website is to be favored by search engines such as Bing and Google to be shown when potential prospect customers search for solutions that are inline with the site’s offerings.

In order to do that the website’s foundations must be solid for any keyword leverage in search engine optimisation to have any effect for any content that is published on the site. Unfortunately many websites are built on loose foundations for accessibility or using old coding strategies for layout that impede SEO effectiveness.

What next.

Innervisions have undertaken various website evaluation for existing business websites to identify the current status of compliance and how well a website or pages have been developed for SEO. Your website can be analysed with advanced software and strategies to identify current problems with regard to structure, SEO, coding mark-up and report back on potential opportunities that you could explore.

Our website evaluation / website audit report can be provided to you to use with your own web designer / developer to update your website into a SEO friendly website. We are also available to carry out our own recommendations outline in the report.

Be pre-warned however, as many websites have been developed in old coding strategies, your website may need to be completely redeveloped from scratch. Such a realisation is not welcoming reality especially if you have already spend thousands only to realise that your website cannot be found for any keywords other your business name. A website evaluation will definitely help you gain clarity in what needs to be done to your website to improve current results.

The website evaluation report that we offer provides a TOC that includes:

  • Your Objectives as supplied
  • Summary Observations
  • Summary Solutions
  • Introduction
  • Observations In Detail
  • Recommendations In Detail
  • Conclusions

The website evaluation also includes the bonus reports for a comprehensive analysis.

Such a website evaluation report can help your website move forward with a step by step plan to restructure your website content and code for greater visibility on search engines which means that you get more opportunities to create more customers.

If you are interested in letting innervisions help you in any of your web site projects for web site visibility, please let us know by contacting us via our web form or download our Free Web Planning guides and we will be in touch with you soon.

Best regards for your web site results. If you would like personalised assistance with your web site project, contact me for a consultation or to access our free planning guides.

Gavin Gilmour

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